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As a consultant, coach and trainer, I support individuals and organisations in setting their goals, implementing these, and developing themselves to achieve success - because your success is my success.
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Manuela Ebner

What are my priorities?


Dealing with ourselves and our environment in a caring and respectful way. This is reflected in a balanced combination of responsibility, fairness, social responsibility and good management.

Aligning one's actions to all of these aspects is the only means of ensuring our long-term survival. To live responsibly and with awareness of ethics so that all human beings, animals and Nature are able to survive "humanely".

Neither we nor our natural resources are inexhaustible. Therefore I consider it very important to take these factors into account when advising you and planning your projects.

  • Social responsibility
  • Awareness of sustainability
  • A fair and responsible approach:

    - with all of our personal resources and those provided by Nature, as well as
    - all of the resources in so-called third-world countries, which are significant suppliers of our prosperity.

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