"Not what we experience, but how we feel creates our destiny."
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)


Coaching - concretoplus

Problems are challenges - and any confrontation of a challenge is an asset for life!

Coaching is derived from sports. The Coach instructs his athletes (the Coachees) and his team to prepare them for competition.

As in sports, my individual coaching also consists of result- and solution-oriented support and assistance for individuals or groups, using methods from systems theory, psychotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to achieve the agreed upon goals.

My coaching portfolio includes


Business coaching for

entrepreneurs, managers, junior managers, team leaders and staff, on the following topics

  • Goal orientation and implementation
  • Crisis management and safe handling of difficult situations
  • Strengthening self-awareness and self-confidence to present oneself in a convincing way
  • Confidence in making decisions
  • Mobbing
  • To become aware of, and strengthen, one's own resources for success and confidence
  • Work-life balance

What qualifies me as a business coach ...


is the combination of my knowledge of practical business economics, management consulting, management and coaching experience, based on my knowledge and several years of practice.


 Private or "personal coaching" for

individual persons or couples on a variety of subjects, such as

  • Stress and multiple stress
  • general dissatisfaction / demotivation
  • Relationship crises (separation, violence, etc.)
  • New orientation (professional and/or private)
  • Professional crises (mobbing, job change, being overwhelmed or insufficiently challenged, etc.)
  • Preparation for application

What qualifies me as a personal coach ...


is the ability to rapidly identify the resources and skills of my coachees and make them aware of these so they can be utilised fruitfully.

My style of work as a coach ...


is based on my sincere appreciation and awareness of the personality of my coachees, focussing on promoting self-solving skills and increasing vitality.

The principles of success in coaching are ...
  • a clearly defined goal
  • an unshakeable firm belief in one's own abilities
  • recognising the power of thought
  • the ability to

    - permit and be open to all
    - omit that which is not necessary – focus on the essentials
    - let go of the past: "if you let go you have two hands free"

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