"If you feel that you belong to the majority, it is time to change your attitude."
(Mark Twain)
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Corporate philosophy

The needs, desires and goals of my clients are the focus of my work - the so-called 'target' - because your interest is my interest, and your success my sucess.

In coaching, empathetic and warm interaction with my coachees is as important to me as our joint discovery of new perspectives and the development of new goals. I am respectful, appreciative, and open to all of your concerns.

In consulting I use my creativity, spontaneity and a solution-oriented approach. I support you in bringing your vision and business concept on paper so they turn into reality - because without a concept the idea is lost.

In training I focus on a lively and practical course. Based on a positive attitude, I impart the knowledge and experience I have collected over the years. A warm and cordial atmosphere is one of the principal aspects of my classes so that the attendees are able to acquire skills and retain what they have learned.

I like working with open-minded and active people. If you'd like to change or move something and develop new ideas, you've found the right partner in me. Together we will work out a functioning concept. The unknown become known; the new becomes familiar.



The essential aspects of the success of my work and my clients' success are the following


  • Being open-minded to the new and the unknown
  • Readiness for action and dynamism
  • Consistency of purpose
  • Specific, measurable, realistic goals and planning
  •  The courage to change and accept challenges

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