"From the bud of confusion grows the flower of wonder"
(Sufi poem)
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Fit with trick – Self-coaching



Dates according arrangement


Manage – facilitate - coach
Coaching instruments for managers [Details]


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"Those who ask lead."
Intensive training on the questioning technique


Thu-Fri, 13 – 14 June 2013, WIFI Vienna
Thu-Fri, 07 – 08 November 2013, WIFI Vienna
Thu-Fri, 27 –  28 March 2014, WIFI Vienna


Those who pursue further training are those who can do it
Follow-up on the questioning technique [Details]

Thu, 25 April 2013, WIFI Vienna


Money consciousness: "Your skills are your assets." [Details] 


Dates according arrangement


All of the training courses listed here are offered at educational institutions like WIFI in Vienna, and also offered on request to companies or organisations on an in-house basis. 


My training method is …

based on interactive learning. It is a lively and sustainable approach, consisting of a lot of practical exercises, role-based discussions of cases presented by attendees, and occasionally video recording and analysis matched to the attendees' interests.


The benefits of attending these seminars are:


  • New ideas and insights (awareness) in regard of one's profession and private life
  • New knowledge of practical relevance
  • Sustainable topic for easy implementation in corporate and private life
  • The ability to recognize the advantages by working in groups or teams
  • Facilitates removal of barriers by promoting a feeling of fellowship within the group



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