"Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make complete use of the other five.”
(W. Somerset Maugham)


Money consciousness: "Your skills are your assets."



For all of those who wish to think about their views and attitudes towards money in a conscious way. For those who wish to create a new approach, gain a healthy awareness of money, and thus strengthen their self-esteem and personal market value.

Objective and benefit:

At this seminar you learn to transform your consciousness from deficiency to abundance and lead a fulfilling life.


  • What is money and what is your view of money? Money test - find out what money really is
  • Money awareness: a mirror of how one treats oneself. Remove obstructive beliefs
  • Discover new energy patterns and strategies to internalize your awareness of money in a reasonable way
  • Expose bad habits and learn to use money constructively
  • Identify your own value in relation to demands in the market; develop and implement personal concepts of success for your professional and daily life

Training method



Interactive learning. It is a lively and sustainable approach, consisting of a lot of practical exercises (individual and in small groups).


  Mag. Manuela Ebner, MA

No. of attendees


  min. 6, max. 14



2 days (09.00am – 05.00pm)

Dates & place



Thu-Fri,  11 – 12 October 2012
Thu-Fri,  07 – 08 March 2013

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