"The only constant aspect of life is change."

(Chinese proverb)

Profil - Manuela Ebner

Mag. Manuela Ebner, MA

Unconventional thinker – cosmopolitan – versatile – creative – action-oriented – determined – solution-oriented – structured

After graduation I started my career as a management consultant and commercial director. My experience showed me that a vision or idea becomes a mission or task when one is able to put one's thoughts on paper. A written concept becomes a reality when it is really experienced and then implemented. To enhance my clients' drive in implementing their ideas as well as their self-assurance, I trained as a coach.  Coaching has enhanced my professional competence. I am able to lead my clients rapidly to their goals and work with them to achieve desired outcomes efficiently.

I completed my coaching education by going through a mediation training, which is a useful complement to coaching, consulting and training.

Aspects of my education and experience that contributed to my expertise:

  • 26 years of experience as a trainer in advanced education (as a freelancer; parallel to employment)
  • 21 years of consulting (starting a new business , strategy, marketing, business accountancy)
  • 7 years as a commercial director
  • Master‘s degree in business education – University of Economics, Vienna
  • Master’s degree in Latin American studies – University of Vienna
  • Education for Coaching (NLP Resonance Coach®)
  • Education for mediation
  • From  1987: various advanced education courses that were relevant for my enhancement
  • Languages:
    German: mother tongue; English: fluent; Spanish: fluent;  French: working knowledge; Portuguese: advanced

What are my concerns?


To infect people with my enthusiasm for conscious and sustainable use of natural resources.
To encourage people to support exploited countries and cooperate so we can jointly create a future-oriented, sustainable world that permits all people on Earth to lead a "good life".

„Do not believe what you mean to do, believe what you wish."

(Peter Rosegger)


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